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Kaabitsatehnikate ((IASTM, Graston, Guasha) kasutamine pehmekoeteraapias

Koolitaja: Lauri Rannama

01.12.2017 Tallinn
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Nõelravi kursus koos Šveitsi füsioterapeudiga

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Best opportunity to learn needling course with physiotherapist from Switzerland:
Beatrice Grünenfelder.

Beatrice Grünenfelder is former ahtlete and today´s physiotherapist. 
She has finished Traditional Chines medicine in Zurich. 

She has worked 10 years in private praxis in Switzerland, Chur

She has long experience in physiotherapy, starting with top athletes and finishing with chindren. 

Course contest: 

-traditional Chines meditcine theory
-use of the needles

-finding the meridians

-learning of three easy diseases: stomach-spleen -qi lack and lung-wind-cold disease and middle-back problems with the specials acupuncture points

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